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  • Which industry requirements do Flecotec products meet?

    Both the Flecotec system and Flecotec products have the certificates required in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and are FDA compliant. All components are manufactured under clean room conditions and remain in this environment until final packaging and delivery.

  • What materials are the Flecotec components made of?

    We manufacture all materials in contact with the product, such as the Flecofilm film and the Flecozip profile, from FDA-compliant LDPE. The remaining product components are made of pharmaceutically compliant materials.

  • What are the main applications of Flecotec products?

    Flecotec products are primarily used in the various processes of active pharmaceutical ingredient and tablet production.

  • For which substances can Flecotec technology be used?

    The Flecotec system is suitable for toxic and highly sensitive solids such as powders, granules, tablets and capsules. Not for liquids.

  • What emission levels can be achieved with Flecotec technology?

    Flecotec technology can be used throughout the OEB-5 range.

  • Can Flecotec closures be used more than once?

    Yes, when handled correctly, Flecozip profiles can be docked and undocked up to 15 times.

  • Which opening cross sections can be realized with Flecotec?

    The Flecozip profile is manufactured as a continuous extrusion profile. This allows any opening cross-sections to be created. It is even possible to dock different opening cross sections to each other and open them subsequently.

  • Can existing plants/plant cross sections be retrofitted with Flecotec?

    Yes, the application as a so-called secondary interface is one of our areas of application.

  • Which plant connections can be realized with Flecotec?

    Standard Tri-Clamp connection adapters are available for sizes 2"/4"/6"/8". In principle, however, the Flecotec system can be customized to any plant interface.

  • How much do Flecotec products cost?

    Due to the complexity of containment requirements, we cannot quote flat-rate prices for our Flecotec products. However, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to your containment requirements. Please contact for this purpose.

  • I already have a foil supplier. Can I still work with Flecotec?

    Flecotec technology is very flexible and can basically be bonded to any type of polyethylene film. However, if you wish, we will also be happy to provide you with a comparative offer on your existing terms. For this purpose, please contact us at.

  • Which plastics does Rommelag Flex recycle?

    We recycle plastic waste made of pure polyethylene (PE-LD/MD/HD) or polypropylene. Much of this comes from Rommelag CMO blow-fill-seal contract filling, which uses high-purity pharmaceutical grade plastics. Our mill also processes foils or bottles that have already been in use and may still be filled. We filter the waste water.

  • Do you also recycle in contract manufacturing?

    Yes, we crush, melt and prepare all the material for you. In the end, you get flawless, reusable plastic granules. If you wish, dyed in your desired color and mixed with various additives.

  • I would like to buy recycled plastic granules. In what quantities do you deliver?

    We sell our processed, high quality plastic granulate as bagged goods with 25 kg or as Bigbag or Oktabin with 1 t.

  • Is recycled plastic granulate also available dyed?

    Yes, because compounding is also one of our strengths. You choose the color and we add the appropriate masterbatch to the plastic. By the way: If you also want to influence the properties of the plastic, we would have the right additives for that.

  • What is compounding and why is it done?

    Compounding involves combining at least two substances. On request, we can, for example, color pure plastic granules made of polyethylene (PE-LD/MD/HD) or polypropylene using masterbatch. Certain additives give the plastic new properties, such as better tensile strength, temperature resistance or UV resistance.

  • Do you also compound on a contract manufacturing basis?

    Yes, and under certified pharmaceutical conditions in the clean room. If required, you will receive pharmaceutical-grade documentation for prescription preparation.

  • What profiles does Rommelag Flex extrude?

    At customers’ request, we also manufacture, for example, seals or valves with up to 40 millimeters. All under clean room conditions.

  • We need profiles for the pharmaceutical industry/medical technology. Can you help us?

    Yes, our profile extrusion is carried out in a clean room under special hygiene conditions. Like the other divisions of the Rommelag Group, we specialize in the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industries and have the relevant certifications.

  • What material is used in profile extrusion?

    We use thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as the material. They have many good properties that we can further improve or adapt through additives. In addition, they are recyclable.

  • Do you also extrude on a contract basis?

    Yes, and under certified pharmaceutical conditions in the clean room. If required, you will receive pharmaceutical-grade documentation for prescription preparation.

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