Flecotec: Single-use containment solutions for toxic or highly sensitive solids

Protecting people and preventing cross-contamination are elementary requirements in the production of active ingredients and drugs in powder or tablet form. With the flexible Flecotec system, you can meet both challenges reliably, quickly and economically.

So simple, so good: the Flecotec system

Essentially, the Flecotec system produced in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15378 is based on a type of zipper process. This makes its handling wonderfully simple. Nevertheless, it achieves the stringent containment level requirements OEB 5.


Whether insulator, adapter or bag - Flecotec products have a well-thought-out zip system that, on the one hand, closes them securely and, on the other, allows a second Flecotec component to be docked.


Open and connect

Only when two Flecotec components are coupled can their zip systems be pulled apart and connected end-to-end, allowing solids to be transferred under closed conditions.


Close and undock

To undock, the slider is simply pulled back. In the process, both Flecotec components are closed again automatically. Completely safe and error-free.


A suitable containment solution for every process step

The Flecotec system offers a wide range of different products. This gives you a safe and economical single-use solution for every containment task in API and (bio)pharmaceutical production - from sampling the incoming raw material to handling the final product.


Preparation and transfer of raw materials

Repacking closed raw material bags into drums with Flecobags allows both contamination-free docking and undocking for further processing and their safe storage.


Sampling and weighing

After docking to Flecoboxes or Flecozip bags with gloved handles, primary packaging can be safely opened and solids removed. Be it for sampling or weighing.


Trial train in process

For sampling from a processing unit, a Flecozip bag with glove grip and sample draw container is docked to the Flecozip adapter. After sampling, the resealed bag and the sample container can be sent to the laboratory.


Transfer to the process unit

To safely fill process units with material, there is the Flecotec Material Transfer System (MTS) with variable connection components.


Filling for material transfer

The Flecotec Material Transfer System (MTS) also guarantees contamination-free material removal from the process units and subsequent transport.


Tablet filling and product transfer

Tablet presses and dedusters operate with slight negative pressure. Flecozip tablet bags with clamping device ensure smooth filling and subsequent contamination-free storage and transport for further processing.

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A system that pays off

Perfect protection against contamination

Protects people from toxic substances and prevents cross-contamination with raw materials and active ingredients.

Saves time and money

Works easily and quickly. Minimizes both cleaning effort and the need for protective clothing.

Certifications remain

The Flecotec system is a secondary interface. 

Flexibly customizable

The products are compatible with standard LDPE containers and connection diameters. Individual adjustments are possible.

More sustainable than stainless steel

The overall eco-balance of our plastic disposables is better than that of comparable stainless steel containment solutions. For disposal, they are burned and provide energy.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Order sample package now!

Would you like to take a closer look at the form and function of our Flecotec containment system? With pleasure. However, for this, we need a few details from you. After all, it's all about absolute safety, and everything has to fit.

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Strong pieces: the Flecotec system components

A system is only easy to use and error-free if all its parts are well thought out and polished down to the last detail. As a developer and manufacturer, we make sure of it. In addition, a small number of individual parts helps. That is why our Flecotec system basically consists only of protective sleeves and connectors.


Protective covers: Flecozip bags and Flecofilm film

We have developed our Flecofilm film specifically for applications in the (bio)pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food and cosmetics industries. They are available as highly transparent MonoLayer and electrically conductive DoubleLayer. Welded into bags or other products, it guarantees that products come into contact only with pure polyethylene.

All Flecofilm pharmaceutical films are FDA compliant and tested according to:

  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food).
  • USP <661>
  • USP <87>; Cytotoxicity

We manufacture our bags in clean room class ISO 7 from Flecofilm and welded Flecozip connector. Therefore, they are ideal as a primary or secondary packaging material and for contamination-free filling of solid or semi-solid materials such as API, granules, tablets, and capsules, as well as medical items such as cartridges and filters and tubing. They come in sizes ranging from a few litres to several 100 litres. However, depending on the requirements, we also manufacture them according to customer-specific specifications and with a welded-on Flecotric Tri-Clamp connection.


Fixed connection: Flecozip, Slider and Flecotric Tri-Clamp

The key to the Flecotec system is the slider. By sliding, it connects the Flecozip interfaces almost inseparably. After a successful filling or decanting process, the slider is retracted, closing the opened containments and separating them from each other at the same time.


Our flexible Flecotric enables easy and secure tri-clamp connection of process units and Flecozip bags. Time-consuming cleaning processes are eliminated, as is their validation work and complex assembly. Flecotric is available for the most common connection diameters and different film thicknesses.

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