Wrap your processes in security: Flecotec Containment Products

Sampling, weighing, transferring and filling: No matter what process steps you want to perform with your toxic or highly sensitive solids, Flecotec has a perfectly tailored single-use containment solution. This keeps powders and bulk materials contamination-free and your employees optimally protected. From beginning to end.

Security with letter and seal: Approvals and certificates

The Flecotec system is produced according to DIN EN ISO 15378. All Flecofilm pharmaceutical films are FDA-compliant and have been tested several times. Flecofilm film is made from pharmaceutical-grade polyethylene.

All certificates and data sheets are available for download at.

  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food).
  • USP <661>
  • USP <87>; cytotoxicity
  • Each film delivery contains an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204:2005. We check the IR spectrum, dimensions and film thicknesses, welds and antistatic properties.
  • EUR Pharmacopoeia 3.1.3. and 3.1.5.
  • USP <88>; in vivo reactivity tests.
  • USP <661>; physicochemical testing
  • with permanent, non-migrating antistatic agent in the outer sheath.

Made for the highest demands:Ex-zone suitability

Flecofilm DL and bags made from it can be used in areas exposed to explosion hazards  of zones 20, 21 and 22 (dusts). In addition, they are suitable for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres in zones 1 and 2 in the presence of gas/air or vapor/air mixtures of explosion groups IIA and IIB (if no strongly charge-generating processes are present). Due to the dissipative capacity, a significantly improved flow behavior of the product is ensured.


Filling and emptying without errors: Material Transfer System

Extra speed with Flecotec QuickTric

Mount and twist and it’s connected – with the new Flecotec QuickTric, you can build tri-clamp interfaces faster and easier than ever before. Its built-in bayonet coupling eliminates the awkward connection and disconnection process with a standard tri-clamp and prevents seals from slipping out of place. This is particularly beneficial if multiple powder bags need to be added to the process one after another. See for yourself

The many advantages of QuickTric


Extremely easy connection

The QuickTric can be film-wrapped directly or fitted to containers with a standard tri-clamp flange.


Smooth flow

The clear cross-section allows material to flow from one container to the other quickly and smoothly.


Completely sealed

The gasket of the QuickTric is pre-installed, so it cannot slip out of place or fall into the process area during the connection process. Gasket wear is not a concern either.


Modular expansions

It can be combined with a Flecozip secondary interface to create a reversible, zone-compliant and sealed containment interface. An upgrade to meet the highest standards.


Suitable for sterilisation

The QuickTric is suitable for gamma ray sterilisation, for peace of mind every time.


Customisable models

Flecotec QuickTric is available as a complete system or as individual components. It is available as a 100% PE plastic model or as a hybrid model consisting of stainless steel components and a PE plastic bag. 

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Everything under control for sure: Flecobox Isolator

Flecobox isolators are a perfect secondary containment according to containment level OEB 5 requirements for highly toxic products. Equipped with glove ports and optimally tailored to your requirements, they provide safe space for various work steps such as sampling, weighing or documentation. At the end of the process, the contaminated air is safely extracted and the disposable products are sent for energy recovery. This reduces cleaning and validation efforts many times over.

Filling and emptying without errors: Material Transfer System

The Flecotec Material Transfer System, MTS for short, is a well thought-out complete set of bags and adapters. With it, your process units can be filled and emptied safely and easily. Whether powder, granules or tablets - the concept as a secondary interface guarantees that the Flecozip profiles do not come into contact with the product under any circumstances. It is suitable for all commercially available LDPE containers and common connection diameters. How many transfers are possible depends on the product. When used correctly, up to 15 cycles can be realized with a Flecozip adapter.

Containment by the meter: Flecoliner

For filling complete batches of highly toxic solids or small containers, there are our practical continuous liners. They are equipped with 20 to 50 meters long, specially made and folded foil tubes. This guarantees effective handling in the smallest of spaces. Depending on the closure system, the requirements for OEB 5 values can thus be met without inserting individual bags.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating: Order sample package now!

Do you want to take a closer look at the form and function of our Flecotec containment system? With pleasure. However, for this, we need a few details from you. After all, it's all about absolute safety, and everything has to fit.

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Protected tablet transfer: Flecotec Vacuum Bag

Our vacuum bag unit guarantees the perfect connection to your tablet press and allows safe product removal from the processing unit under negative pressure. A frame ensures the optimum stability of the vacuum bag. Once this has been filled, closed and uncoupled, the tablets can be transported safely to the next processing unit. People and goods are optimally protected. If the standard bag dimensions are insufficient, we will manufacture them according to your specifications.


Covers for high demands: Flecobag cleanroom bag

Made of Flecofilm in cleanroom class ISO 7, our Flecobags are the optimal primary and secondary packaging materials for special applications in the (bio)pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetics industries. They come in sizes from a few litres to several 100 litres - or according to your requirements. The bags have excellent welding properties and are suitable for material transfer under laboratory and cleanroom conditions.

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We have more to offer you.

Containment is not our only speciality. As plastics experts, we are also professionals in the service areas of compounding, profile extrusion and recycling. That's why we have good answers to all kinds of questions.

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Our Flecotec single-use containment system and associated components are well thought out yet flexible. Therefore, we can quickly respond to your processes' different, individual requirements. Let's talk about it: We are looking forward to it!

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